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Friday, December 3, 2004 [*]

Rear View Mirror Reflection

Poor Sylvia has caught a flu bug and has diarrhea and a diaper rash. The day care called me and I called the doctor. They didn't want to see her because it was too contagious and there was nothing they could do. No surprise there. I left work midday following a fairly lackluster morning so I'm stressed out with all that I've left undone.

I left my camera in my car this morning because I thought I might get a chance during lunch to photograph interesting reflections in ponds for the Friday Photo Challenge, but really all I had time for was a quick snapshot just as we pulled up to the house.

I set up a porta-crib in the computer room and planned on getting more work done, and it worked for a while until the novelty wore off and she started crying because of her bottom and fever. I stopped and got her some toast and opened up a bottle of sparkling apple cider that we'd been saving for some holiday party. She liked the cider and toast so I got back to work while she entertained herself in the portacrib.

When I tried to figure out if all hell had broken loose the minute I left the office, I discovered that they changed firewall software and I had to download a new version of our checkpoint software to get into the office.

So as I'm trying to figure out what is wrong with the firewall program, I do a search for "checkpoint" and I get an article about a violinist who is forced to play at a checkpoint. I usually don't link to political sites, but this one was really poorly covered by the media and the tragedy of it really affected me.

I've always struggled with December and this has had an inauspicious beginning. I hope that this year will be different.

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